Its Saturday evening. My beer's cold. I'm fired up to enjoy Canada's national past time and life is good. Following a rather lacklustre first period, I replenish my refreshment and I excitedly await the rantings of Canadian icon Don Cherry. Rather then discussing the trivial issues of the National Hockey League, Mr. Cherry immediately and more importantly pays homage to our troops. Don eloquently correlates the similarities between Hockey Players and Troops. He discusses the memory of former NHL and American League hockey players who sacrificed their lives for the security and freedom that we now enjoy. He shares a video of his visit to a Canadian military cemetery in France and emotionally suggests, that when walking past a veteran, the least we can do is buy a poppie and say Thank You. From there Coaches Corner posts a pictorial memorial tribute to each and every soldier who has lost their lives in 2010 while dutifully serving us in Afghanistan. Thank God for Don Cherry and his continued support to the military and his committment to ensuring every Canadian does not forget the brave sacrifice of these young men and women, past and present. It is indeed humbling knowing that these amazing young troops continue in their committment to clear the path to freedom for so many world wide, while I lounge on the couch and enjoy a beverage and the excitement of Hockey Night in Canada. After intently viewing Mr. Cherry's emotional tribute to the Military, I wipe the tears from my eyes, I realize that I selfishly have walked past several vets requesting my donation. How dare me? I vow this will not happen this week of remembrance. In fact, it may be the most expensive poppy I ever purchase. I plan on paying twenty dollars for my next Poppie purchase. Its the least I can do and in reality, it's still a very small price to pay for the freedom you and I so often take for granted. God bless the troops and thank you Don Cherry for so often acknowledging the accomplishments of our military.
Lest we forget."