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Grass Flip Flops - Black

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Are customers have been patiently waiting for the Grass Flip Flops to arrive. Well, wait no more. The Grass Flip Flops are in, just in time for sandal season, and they are flying off the shelves. The Grass Flip Flops are fun, funky, eclectic and perhaps most importantly, they are comfortable. There's nothing better to the feel of your feet then a soft fresh cut lawn. With the Grass Flip Flops, you can have that feeling all day long. When you wear the Grass Flip Flops, It's like having your feet exfoliating all day. 

I know, you're asking why are these in the Canada 150 Section? Well, with all the walking you'll be doing this Canada Day, you'll want to ensure your getaway sticks as comfortable as possible. The Grass Flip Flops are just that, comfortable!

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