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Canada Beach Umbrella

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With the shade from this beach umbrella, you are no doubt coolest Canadian on the beach.
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Canada is home to many lakes, rivers, and waterfronts. This means in the summertime, many Canadians spend some days lounging on the beach. What better addition to your beach bundle than this awesome Canada Beach Umbrella! The Canada Beach Umbrella is a great way to show your Canadian pride all while comfortably relaxing in the shade on a hot summers day. It's as easy as pie - just push the post into the sand and tilt the umbrella to give you the desired amount of shade. The Canada Beach Umbrella will become the talk of the beach, and your family and friends will be begging you where you got it. You will definitely be looking to grab this Canada Beach Umbrella on every trip you to take to the beach.

When opened, the Canada Beach Umbrella is approximately 59" in diameter.

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