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Canada Maple Leaf Outdoor Wall Art - NO FREE SHIPPING ON THIS ITEM

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A must-have decor piece for any home or garage exterior.
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Many of our in-store customers have requested outdoor Canadiana Wall Art and we've finally found the perfect piece. Discreetly Canadian, aesthetically appealing, and decor neutral - the Maple Leaf Canada Wall Art will definitely be noticed. In fact, we drove through a small Ontario town and saw several of these Maple Leaf Canada Wall Art pieces wonderfully enhancing many a home exterior. They looked beautiful and very impressive. We sourced out the supplier and here we are. The large is very impressive 39.5 inches in circumference and the small 27.5 inches in diameter.

Sorry the WALL ART does not have FREE Shipping - it is too large for Canada Post to deliver and we need to get individual quotes for each order. We will not process your credit card without contacting you first with a shipping quote.  If you are able to pick up the wall art at the store location we will credit you $20.00 and reduce the price from $149.99 to $129.99.  Please advise us in the notes section if you intend to pick up this product.

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