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Canada Moose Pullover Hoodie

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Be ready for the cold in the most Canadian way possible.
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One thing all Canadian's are familiar with is the COLD. Be prepared for the winter this year - Canadian style with the Canada Moose Pullover. A classic fit, popular year after year, featuring some well-known Canadian figures and symbols in a tasteful way. The Canada Moose Pullover is well made, comfy, and toasty just in time for the coming cold weather across the country. Available in a full size range, the Canada Moose Pullover is a unisex sweater, and looks great on everyone that tries it on. We are sure that the Canada Moose Pullover will soon become the favourite go-to sweater of a lot of Canadians. We may have a love/hate relationship with the cold in Canada, but one thing we do know is that Canadian's love Canada, and they soon will be loving the Canada Moose Pullover.

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