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Canadian Harvest Teas

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A true taste of Canada, with each tea made with Canadian ingredients. Blended and packaged in Canada.
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These Canadian Harvest Teas contain real Canadian ingredients, giving them a true Canadian taste. Savour the quintessential flavours of Canada's national harvests in your cup. All of the varieties of Canadian Harvest Teas are blended and packaged in Canada using non-chlorine bleached all natural teabags. If you've been looking for where to get a taste of Canada, you've absolutely got to try these Canadian Harvest Teas.

Maple Green Tea: The subtle maple flavour from light amber pure premium Canadian maple syrup compliments the smooth and refreshing flavour of the steamed sencha green tea leaves. Packed with vitamins and antioxidants, a cup of our maple green tea goodness is a healthy choice!

Maple Black Tea: This lush and hearty black tea blend is accented with pure premium Canadian maple syrup. Golden amber, sticky sweet and reminiscent of the snow covered woodland sugar shack's pure premium maple syrup, our liquid gold.

Icewine Black Tea: Our robust blend of black tea balances with the incredible depth of real Canadian Icewine. Canada's warm days and frigid nights intensify the distinctive flavour of the Icewine grapes while freezing ripe on the vine, which adds a luxurious sweetness.

Cranberry Herbal Tea: Native to Canada, bites of sweet and tangy cranberries add zing to the vibrant and fruity hibiscus based herbal infusion. This caffeine free cranberry blend packs a healthy punch of nutrients and powerful antioxidants.

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