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Cannabis Stash Jar

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Stash Jar to store your cannabis - newly legal for recreational use in Canada.
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With the new legislation in Canada legalizing the use of recreational marijuana, now is the time to find a way to store it! Our brand new Stash Jars are exactly what Canadian's need to keep their cannabis dry. With the signature green colour and a familiar leaf, this double ceramic Stash Jar is not only functional but also very attractive. With the cork lid, you can be sure that you have an air-tight seal - exactly what you're looking for in any Stash Jar. You will most definitely be the envy of your friends when you show them how ready you are for legalization in Canada with your amazing new Stash Jar.

These Stash Jars are available in two different sizes: the small size is best suited for smaller quantities under 5 grams, and the large will hold up to 14 grams.

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