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Celebrate Canada 150 V-Neck T-Shirt Tee Mens Medium Black - Last One!

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These wonderfully designed V-Neck T-Shirts highlight the Inukshuk which has been for centuries an iconic symbol of collaboration, acceptance, and diversity that is so representative of Canadian Values. First Nations erected Inukshuks to act as guideposts to European Settlers enabling them to navigate the rugged Canadian Terrain. Also on these Celebrate Canada 150 V-Neck T-Shirts is the iconic Maple Leaf engulfing the Inukshuk. Bursting from the Inukshuk Maple Leaf on the Celebrate Canada 150 V-Neck T-Shirts are stars emblematic of the beautiful Canadian skies and representative of the huge celebration that will take place during Canada 150 Celebrations. Anyone would be honoured and thrilled to have the Celebrate Canada 150 V-Neck. 

Incidentally, our apologies for the blue capris pants our model is wearing with the red tee. We don't know what he was thinking. They simply do not go together. So please disregard the blue pants when viewing the V-Neck. By the way, he is a 210 Man, 6 Ft tall and is wearing an XL. When considering the appropriate sizing, hopefully, this helps. Available in Red or Black. Please specify prior to checking out. 

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