The Great Canadian Gift Company is proud to anounce the introduction of the Delux Animal Hat Photo Contest, aptly titled Put Your Best Face Forward. We are giving away two sets of the Delux Animal Hats of your choice. Their will be two winners receiving one set of Hat and Mitts each ... an adult (over 18) and a lucky young boy or girl (17 and under). How do you win you ask? Send your photo to the email address shown below of you or a family member proudly wearing their Animal Hat or Hats. Our experienced and un-biased judges (GCGC Staff and our Facebook Fans) will vote on the winner. The criteria for winning the adult prize will be the most zany and creative photo. Remember crazy but clean and tasteful. The Under 17 winner will be judged on the cute factor and creativity. Comments and votes by our Facebook Friends will also factor into the selection.
This is how you enter:
1.  Take a photo wearing your Delux Hat and/or mittens (the photo can be a group shot, individual shot, friends or family - anything goes - the cuter or zanier the better!)
2.  Ensure that you have permission from those in the photo to submit their likeness to our contest as we'll be posting it on our Facebook Page; Thus the name "Best Face Forward".
3.  Email photo to: [email protected]
4.  Within the body of your email also be sure to include the following information: Photo caption, names of those in the photo (only first names will be published), age category that you are entering, your contact information including email address, phone number and city address (so we can contact you when you win!) and (very important) your facebook profile name (remember you need to be a Great Canadian Gift Company Facebook Fan in order to enter the contest)
5.  Click on "send"
6.  That's it! You'll know that your entry has been received and your photo entered into the contest when we tag you and uploaded onto our Facebook page.
7.  Good Luck and thank you for entering! This is going to be fun!
The winner will be selected and announced on New Years Day. Submissions must be in no later then December 28th. Don't be shy ! Put your best face forward, share with your Facebook Friends and lets see some amazing and zany photos. You must be a Great Canadian Gift Company Facebook Fan to be eligable.