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Eco Friendly Hoselton Trees

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This eco-friendly corporate gift from Hoselton Sculptures is an ecologically conscious gift that will most definitely be cherished by the recipient.  Hoselton is unique and well-known Canadian artwork and these gorgeous Hoselton Tree sculptures made of Recycled aluminium are absolutely beautiful.  With the gift, the recipient receives a membership into Hoselton's Eco Community as well as contributing to the reforestation of Canadian Forests.  These unique gifts are available in four different sizes. The Small, Medium and Large are available with a reclaimed wooden base.
Note: If you select the engraving option please note that an additional $40.00 will be applied to your bill for logo set-up. The eco Tree sculpture is available with a wooden base that can also be engraved. In keeping with the ecological aspect, the base is made of reclaimed wood.

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