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Fargin Icehole Maple Chipotle BBQ

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Canadian Maple with a Chipotle kick - the Fargin Icehole BBQ Sauce is a winner!
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Have you heard of Fargin Icehole? We are happy to share with you this new Canadian product in our store and online from Mad Gringo. The Fargin Icehole BBQ sauce comes packed with all the Canadian taste you can imagine, and packaged in a beautiful bottle worth reusing. Fargin Icehole has ingredients right from the Great White North, and is made with 100% real maple syrup among just the right tantalizing ingredients. The end result is an absolutely delicious combination of sweet Canadian goodness with a tangy chipotle kick. Trust us when we tell you, the Fargin Icehole will become a favourite in your household not only for its excellent quality and taste, but also for its extreme versatility. Spruce up whatever you're serving with Fargin Icehole BBQ sauce: perfect on pork, chicken, beef, wild game or as a dipping sauce.

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