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Finishing Salts

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Unusual Salts, Wow....Delicious. Wildly Delicious Spiced Sea Salts and Finishing Salts are seasoning sensations. Great for marinating meats, flavouring eggs, vegetables and stir frys. Try one of these Sea Salts from Wildly Delicious and you'll be clamouring to try all four.

Garlic & Basil Spiced Sea Salt - Great with vegetables, potatoes, pasta and rice dishes

Himalayan Pink Finishing Salt - Mined from the foothills of the Himalayans creating a satisfying flavour with a delicate touch

Sel Gris Finishing Salt- Pale grey in appearance, coarsely grained and moist, this salt is traditionally harvested from the coast of Brittany. Adds savoury depth to any food.

Fleur de Sel Finishing Salt- Harvested in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Francem, Fleur de Sel is a complex lasting essence, neither to strong or bitter making it an all purpose table salt.

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