Have you recently endured the loss of a loved one? If so, please accept my condolences. Regardless of the circumstances, it is never easy. Writing out your thoughts is always a therapeutic process that will assist you in the healing process and moving forward. To take it one step further, have you considered building an online memorial that pays homage to their lives and accomplishments? If so, a new Canadian website has launched that avails you the opportunity to do so at no charge. For a limited time, you will have the ability to create a Profile that details the service date and location, names of relatives, a 10,000 character biography, the upload of 32 photo memories, 4 Video memories, submission, receipt and approval ability of “share a memory” condolences, and the creation of 10 predeceased family member Profiles related to the profile subject in the Family Past element of the Profile. This is yours continually and it can be edited at any time for as long as there is someone in the family to administer the Profile. If this is something that might interest you, go to www.deathnoticedirectory.com.In the navigation bar, click on Create Account and go to the Family Administrator column on the left. Click on Create Account at the bottom of the page below the Family Administrator explanation. Currently you will see prices corresponding to the Profile package you’ve selected. Please disregard and proceed with your Profile creation. For a limited there will be no charges applied to your account. If fact the Memorial Pages you create now will be yours continually with no future charges for renewal. We always like to support and promote Canadian Companies.  Consequently we, sincerely wish the owners of the Death Notice Directory, ENotice much success as they attempt to make their site, the conventional mode throughout North America of delivering and receiving the dignified communication of Funeral Service information.