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Garlic Greatness

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The ideal gift filled with garlic goodies.
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This garlic gift basket will keep you healthy, as garlic can strengthen your heart, ease arthritic pain, reduce blood pressure, and eliminate colds and corresponding symptoms. This Canadian Garlic Gift Basket contains Canadian garlic which in particular is one of the most flavourful types worldwide. Within this Garlic Gift Basket we've brought together a unique selection of garlic products to create this great Garlic Gift Basket. It contains the following: Large Garlic Dipping Oil, Garlic Cider Vinaigrette, Garlic Scapes, Roasted Garlic Dip Mix, Garlic Steak Sauce, Garlic BBQ Seasoning, Garlic & Herb Mashed Tomato Mix, Creamed Garlic Spread, Dawson's Garlic Jalapeno Hot Sauce & Garlic Horseradish Spread. Wow! 

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