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Hand Painted Thunderbird Totem Poles
Thunderbird-Whale-Bear-Woman (6")

Hand Painted Thunderbird Totem Poles

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Beautifully carved and painted totem poles made in Canada.
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These Thunderbird Totem Poles are absolutely stunning pieces made from resin and hand painted in Canada, and they tell a beautiful story of life and reincarnation. Thunderbird Totem Poles represent a rich part of First Nations history in Canada, who share the perception of oneness among all of Earth's creatures. The Northwest Coast Natives believe that humans may transform throughout their life, and when doing so they take on the essence and spirit of that being. Totem Poles are created as a way to reflect that transformation, giving them a deep and genuine meaning. These Thunderbird Totem Poles make great gifts; they're meaningful and unique, and display wonderfully in any home or decor.

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