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Haupy's Beaver Rub Seasoning

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A Canadian spice blend that is a must-try. World Famous in Canada - try it you will agree.
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Legend has it that Beaver Steaks sustained voyageurs throughout their exploration of Canada! Boiled Bland Beaver became boring. It's a shame they never had Haupy's Spicy Beaver Rub Seasoning to enhance the taste of their bland boiled beaver. Haupy's Beaver Rub Seasoning is a versatile condiment that should be in every Canadian kitchen. Haupy's Beaver Rub Seasoning can kick start most any dish. It is particularly good when marinating any meat that is about to be tossed on the BBQ... Even Beaver Steaks. My personal favourite however, is on shrimp. Mmm.... Mmm!

Available in two wonderful flavours, the Original or the Spicy. Ah, heck! Take both and enjoy the discount. You can't go wrong. 

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