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Haupy's Moose Rub Seasoning

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A Canadian spice blend that is a must-try. World Famous in Canada - try it you will agree.
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The Moose has a long and prolific history in Canada. The indigenous peoples and early settlers relied on the moose for meat, clothing, and tools. It's a shame they never had Haupy's Moose Rub Seasoning to enhance the taste of their moose meat (and for those avid hunters BOY does this Moose Rub really compliment the meat). Haupy's Moose Rub Seasoning is perfect for your BBQ and grilling needs and is an incredibly versatile condiment that should be in every Canadian kitchen - it's darn good. Haupy's Beaver Rub Seasoning can kick start most any dish - just use your imagination and the possibilities are endless. Delicious!

Available in two wonderful flavours, the Original or Maplesque. Ah, heck! Go for both! You can't go wrong. 

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