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Maple Leaf Outdoor Wall Art - NO FREE SHIPPING ON THIS ITEM

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A must-have decor piece for any home or garage exterior.
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Many of our in-store customers have requested some outdoor Canadiana Outdoor Wall Art and we've expanded our collection. Discreetly Canadian, aesthetically appealing, and decor neutral - the Maple Leaf Outdoor Wall Art will definitely be noticed. In fact, we drove through a small Ontario town and saw several of these Maple Leaf Wall Art pieces wonderfully enhancing many-a-home exterior. They looked beautiful and very impressive. We sourced out the supplier and here we are. If you're looking for a simple and subtle wall decoration that adds to the exterior of your home - you have found it with this Maple Leaf Outdoor Wall Art.

Sorry the WALL ART does not have FREE Shipping - it is too large for Canada Post to deliver and we need to get individual quotes for each order. We will not process your credit card without contacting you first with a shipping quote.  If you are able to pick up the wall art at the store location we will issue you a credit. Please advise us in the notes section if you intend to pick up this product.

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