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Maritime Madness Bacon Blaze

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Bacon and chillies - what a taste combo! Made in Canada.
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Maritime Madness when creating the Bacon Blaze Hot Sauce managed to incorporate two of a foodie's favourite flavours into a bottle. The Maritime Madness Bacon Blaze Hot Sauce blends the incredible flavour of bacon with Chillie Peppers that elicits a taste sensation like no other. It is Gluten, Fat & Dairy free. So you heat loving folks with a stomach that react negatively to this trio, not to worry. Maritime Madness has created the perfect hot sauce for you. The Maritime Madness Bacon Blaze blends particularly well with Pork, Chicken, Oysters, eggs... you name it. Heat Level of 2.
This hot sauce is for all of those that feel bacon is the king of foods and just can't get enough. 
Get your bacon on!

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