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Maritime Madness Blazin Newfie Screech Hot Sauce

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Must-try hot sauce, with mid-range heat and high-quality flavour. Made in Canada.
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Maritime Madness pays homage to the most easterly province in Canada with their Blazing Newfie Screech Hot Sauce. Combining the flavour of Newfoundland Screech with locally sourced chipotle peppers, Maritime Madness has created a hot sauce that generates an inferno of fun and flavour when applied to your favourite foods. The Blazing Newfie Screech Hot Sauce is one of our most popular Hot Sauces. With a heat rating of 5, it will tantalise your taste buds while introducing a whopping kick to your favourite dishes. 
A good friggin' sauce with a smokey and slightly sweet taste that makes you think BBQ...

A nice hickory smoke tang with a bottle of Newfoundland Screech in every batch! This sauce is "top shelf best kind". Fire up the BBQ B'ys!

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