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Maritime Madness Chipotle Garlic (Pirate's Brew)

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Yarr, it be time to bring your food to flavour town! Made in Canada, eh.
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The Maritime Madness Chipotle Garlic Hot Sauce is tasty, packs a punch and is extremely versatile when working in the kitchen. The Maritime Madness as the name states possesses a mild Garlic kick followed by the punch of the chipotle. The Maritime Madness Chipotle Garlic with a heat rating of 6, will definitely kick start whatever dish you're working on. Handmade in small batches and then poured into the practical squeeze bottle, the Maritime Madness Pirate's Brew is a must have condiment in any kitchen. Heat Level 6
This one is versatility in a bottle. Nice fire roasted chipotle flavor with heavy garlic overtones, in a beautiful base of fresh cayennes.... Arrrrrrrr, Mateys!

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