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Memphis Mustard

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Versitile sauce with the sweetness of apples and the tang of mustard. Made in Canada.
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Usually "Fire in the Kitchen" is a phrase that ignites panic, but time to make an exception! This delicious Memphis Mustard sauce is an amazing multi-purpose sauce brought to you by Canadian company Fire in the Kitchen. It's a well known fact that mustard is a great ingredient to cook with, as it brings a unique kick that really makes you lick your lips. Now with this new Memphis Mustard sauce, you can get the kick of mustard combined with sweet apples and a blend of spices for the absolutely perfect bake sauce. You can use Memphis Mustard as a cooking sauce, use it to marinate your favourite meats, or add it as a topping on your burger or sausage for just the right combination of sweet and tangy that will leave your taste buds begging for more. Be ready for a new favourite!

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