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Nubuck Leather Wristlet

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Embossed Nubuck Leather Wristlet with Maple Leaves Design. Made in Canada.
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We brought in the Leather Wristlets as an experiment, and wow - these have been flying off our shelves! These Leather Wristlets are made in Canada using genuine nubuck leather, and with the wide range of colours available you're bound to find the perfect Leather Wristlet to compliment your purse, tote, or outfit. Similar in look and feel to suede, nubuck is actually top-grain leather that has been buffed to create that characteristic velvety outer surface. This particular material is more durable and typically higher quality than suede. With a convenient wrist strap, you can easily pack your essentials for an evening out with friends without the bulky bags. The Leather Wristlet features the 3D embossed Maple Leaves - a great way to "keep it Canadian" while sticking to a more subtle look. The Leather Wristlet is fun, functional and highly fashionable while exhibiting your Canadian patriotism - plus they make great gifts too!

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