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Nubuck Passport Holder

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Embossed Nubuck Leather Cross-Body bag with Maple Leaves Design. Made in Canada.
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You want to exhibit patriotism but you also want to be fashionable, correct? Well! the Nubuck Passport Holder has you covered. Extremely well made, highly patriotic and wonderfully attractive, the Nubuck Passport Holder will surely impress border security as you make your way through customers. Similar in look and feel to suede, nubuck is actually top-grain leather that has been buffed to create that characteristic velvety outer surface. This particular material is more durable and typically higher quality than suede. The Nubuck Passport Holder is made with genuine leather, and has a classic embossed maple leaf pattern for a stylish yet simple look, giving this bag a lot of versatility for different occasions. With a shoulder length adjustable strap and two separate zippered pockets, the Nubuck Passport Holder is also very practical. Travel in style with the Nubuck Passport Holder. 

Available in Red, Black or Brown. Please select colour prior to check out.

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