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On the Rock Glass (with Ice Ball)

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A new way to enjoy your drink "on the rocks."
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Traditionally scent, temperature, and taste were the keys to drinking scotch or whiskey. This Rock Glass brings two new elements, chilling & motion, to the tasting experience. The elegant design of this Rock Glass allows you to roll the ice ball around the ROCK peak with a simple & easy motion. The included Ice Ball mould makes a large 2” ice ball - designed to fit perfectly with the Rock Glass! With a flat base, a secure fitting silicone top, and a hole for easy filling, you will find the Ice Balls a breeze to use. The Ice Balls are available separately as well here: Silicone Ice Ball Mould - 2 Pack. The best part about these Ice Balls is that the silicone moulds are easy to clean, and can be re-used over and over again. If you are a lover of fine scotch or whiskey, you will definitely appreciate the aspects that this Rock Glass brings to your experience.

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