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Petite Maison Butter Bowl
Petite Maison Butter Bowl

Petite Maison Butter Bowl

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Petite Maison's Butter Bowl is a fabulous new product. Butter Bowls are practical, stylish and ingenious. Wildly Delicious knows their Kitchenware. They've exhibited that know how 100% in developing the butter bowl. This Butter bowl is a ceramic dish with a simple, ingenious design that keeps butter at the perfect consistency for spreading while also preventing it from turning rancid. The bowl-shaped insert holds about a stick of butter and stores into the crock creating an air free seal when filled with a bit of water, keeping the butter at room temperature. Other than changing the water every few days, it requires little more maintenance than a regular butter dish and the round footprint saves some
counter space.

Box includes: 2 piece ceramic in natural cream colour.

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