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Poly Satin Raven Scarf

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Designed and printed in Canada. Royalties paid to our First Nations partner Artists.
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This Raven Scarf is emblematic of the raven - the most important creature in Northwest coast culture. First Nations have always held reverence for this majestic animal. Featuring the wonderful works of Tsimshian artist Bill Helin, this Raven Scarf has quickly become a best seller. It is extremely attractive, comfortable and symbolic of the respect First Nations people hold for the Raven. Raven was the creator; he brought light to the world through his abilities as a trickster and his power to transform into a human. The Raven is the symbol of knowledge, and has the ability to make anything happen. This beautiful Raven Scarf is available in four different colour combinations: Blue/Red, Light Blue, Gold, and Red/Black.

100% Poly Satin Stripe Scarf 35cm x 162cm

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