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Poopee Chic Preemptive Potty Spray

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Must-try product to eliminate all unwated bathroom odours before they happen. Made in Canada.
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Make your next trip to the bathroom smell like anything that is it not - and I'm not kidding! The Poopee Chic Spray will mask bathroom odour with just a few pumps. Simply spray Poopee Chic in the bowl before you poo and nobody will know you went #2. In fact, Poopee Chic spray will have your bathroom smelling fresh and clean, even in the most dire of bathroom sessions. Poopee Chic spray is a great product, and will definitely spare you any embarrassment surrounding using the washroom at work or school. Available in multiple scents and sizes: a large sized for your washroom at home as well as a convenient travel size for when you need to go on the go.

Poopee Chic Original: Luscious Plum – A fruity, floral blend of succulent plum blossoms that is both chic and sensual.
Oh Crap: Tropical Twist – Fun & flirty, this amazing blend of pineapple & coconut is sure to sweep you off your feet!
Poopaway: Ocean Rain – Light & dreamy, let this ocean rain fragrance take you where no air freshener could!
Honey Poo Poo: Fantastic Floral – Let the scents of this floral garden replace those less wanted scents.

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