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Saltwater Pewter Fairy Wands

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With three different wand styles, this unique gift idea is definitely special. Made in Canada.
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The Pewter Fairy Wands are lovely unique Canadian-made products, stunningly crafted with an incredible attention to detail. You can feed the imagination and bring magic to life everyday with these beautiful Pewter Fairy Wands, also commonly referred to as Wishing Wands. They are handcrafted using 100% pewter in Newfoundland, and are entirely lead free. Popular among children and adults alike, the Pewter Fairy Wands are definitely a fun item to have and can be carried in your car or bag for good luck. When you feel you could use an extra boost, simply hold it and make a wish. Each Pewter Fairy Wand comes attractively packaged in a box, making these super easy for gift-giving - just add a bow and you're set! Select from the available Pewter Fairy Wands: Dreamer, Pixi Magic, or Wish Upon a Wave.

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