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Soaring Eagle Aboriginal Loose Leaf Tea - Last Two

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Our First Nations of Canada have always been considered keepers of the land. With that in mind we bring you Souring Eagle Aboriginal Loose Leaf Tea. Made of so many of natures creations the Souring Eagle Loose Leaf Aboriginal Tea is refreshing, fruity and crisp. Consisting of a multi berry blend, the Souring Eagle Loose Leaf Aboriginal Loose Leaf Tea is easily one of our most popular. These amazing flavors are housed within a beautiful Keepsake container featuring beautiful haida art designs. 

The Eagle brings peace and friendship wherever he flies, and he rules the skies with grace, intelligence, and generosity. Always helpful, the Eagle flies to the highest treetops to watch for invading canoes, or helps hunters find their path through the forest that are invisible to animals on the ground. Our Grandmother’s stories remind us that Eagle possesses the ability to see far into the distance, and he protects us, keeps watch over us, and guides us as we move through difficult journeys. She tells us of Eagle's majesty and wisdom over a cup of AQ’SAAK’s KSIGIIK tea with its bright, soaring flavours

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