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Swedish Dishcloths - Canadiana Collection

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100% biodegradable super absorbant dish cloths available in 5 Canadian designs. (2 cloths per pack)
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Check out these new Swedish Dishcloths we have just received in store. These are made in Sweden and are 100% biodegradable, meaning when you're finished with these Swedish Dish Cloths you can just toss them in your compost waste bin. Each Swedish Dishcloth is equivalent to 15 rolls of paper towels. They are incredibly absorbent and once they become wet they soften and will prove to be the best thing you've washed and dried your dishes with. These Swedish Dishcloths are machine washable too, or even toss them in your dishwasher up to 200 times! In the wide range of attractive patterns we carry these in, we just know that you are bound to love the Swedish Dishcloths not only in the kitchen, but just about everywhere! Grab a couple for the boat or cottage, and while you're at it grab some of these for gifts - they make perfect stocking stuffers!

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