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Sweet & Salty Gift Basket

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Basket with assortment of decadent sweets and savory salty treats!
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Who doesn't love sweet and salty foodie products? Doesn't everyone love when you combine decadent sweets with the savory deliciousness of salt? With this in mind, we've created the Sweet and Salty Gift Basket. The Sweet and Salty Gift Basket is loaded with some of our favorite sweets combined with some of our best savory salty products. Honestly; you can't beat the Sweet and Salty Gift Basket. It is my personal favorite and hopefully, it will be yours too, or the lucky recipient to whom you've gifted this wonderful gift basket too. 

The Sweet & Salty Gift Basket contains the following fantastic products; Touche Gourmet Salt Caramel Biscotti, Dolce Sea Salt Caramel Crunch, Gourmet Village Sea Salt Caramel Hot Chocolate, Donini Salted Caramel Cashew Blitz, Gourmet Village Sea Salt White Hot Chocolate, Sea Salt Taffy Box, Andea Sea Salt Caramel Chocolates, Dolce Sea Salt Caramel Twists and Dolce Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Crunch Popcorn Box all packaged in a Beautiful Oval Basket with Holly Accents.

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