Tailtowns.com is a virtual world of engaging fun and personality targeted to and designed for anyone over 13 years of age, with a particular focus on women and collectors. You simply purchase a Tail Town Figurine to attain access to the 3D virtual world that is Tail Town. Once you've entered the secret code corresponding to the figurine you've purchased, you automatically are welcomed as a citizen of Tail Town. Among the benefits you'll have is the ownership of land and even a personal estate within the village. Along with others in your social network, you can begin creating your virtual society. Each individual has specific job skills that enables him or her to obtain reward points and the opportunity to win valuable items.
Every day offers a myriad of activities where players can seek out and compete for items and Acorns (Tail Town Currency). Tail Town Citizens can take part in Tales, which are multi-step quests that let players earn rewards while exploring the lands, the inhabitants and the lore of Tail Towns. Be warned however, your curiosity may lead you into a key role within a tangled web of forbidden love, true romance and treachery.
Citizens can go on wild virtual shopping sprees buying from different city vendors, each with their own products and bargains. Players can also purchase products to customize their homes, estates, and towns... even creating clothes for their villagers. Each month new fashions and products will be ready for players to experiment with. Many players will delight in the crafting feature. At launch (mid March) players will be able to create a wide range of special clothes, crafts and eventually baked goods, jewelry and even Holiday Decorations.
At the heart of the Tail Towns experience will be the social interactions with fellow citizens. Join in the fun as thousands engage and collectively play group games, chat freely and make new friends as you create a village, generate gossip and attempt to govern your Tail Town.
Figurines currently available for pre-purchase at http://www.thegreatcanadiangiftcompany.com/Tail-Town-Figurines_c_275.html. Actual launch will be in Mid March. Go to www.tailtowns.com for more information.