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Tasty Buds - Blueberry Yum Yum

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White chocolate, rice crispies, and blueberries combined in a far out way man! Non-medicated and totally tasty dude!
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These Blueberry Tasty Buds are from a brand new line we are carrying in-store and wow they are definitely a revolutionary product that you need to try. We know your first question and no these are not actual buds, but instead they are lovely and tasty non-medicated chocolate treats. These gourmet chocolate buds are handcrafted in Vancouver BC, and we know you will be impressed by the light and flaky crunch you get when you bite into one of these delicious chocolate nugs. These Blueberry Tasty Buds are designed after the popular strain Blueberry Yum Yum, with flavours of bursting citrus and blueberry with hints of matcha. We know you will love it, and with the newly legalized recreational cannabis in Canada, these Blueberry Tasty Buds make a great gift too!

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