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Tesla Oil Chili Oil

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Delicious and unique chili oil that will add a whole new dimension to your favourite dishes! Made in Canada.
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Nothing kicks up a dish better than some chili oil - and we can't wait for you to try this Tesla Oil from Mag Gringo. Made with a unique pepper blend and a combination of some special herbs and spices, this Tesla Oil is a fun Canadian way to add some flavour and some serious personality to your favourite foods. This Tesla Oil creates a unique numbing sensation combined with a fiery heat that will keep you reaching for the bottle over and over again. Once you give the Tesla Oil a try, you'll wish you'd been acquainted earlier. The uses for this tasty Tesla Oil are endless: great for dumplings, with bread and balsamic vinegar, pasta dishes, as a salad dressing, and so much more! If you're wondering just how hot the Tesla Oil is, the heat level is a medium for this chili oil.

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