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The Definitive Foodie
"The Definitive Foodie"

The Definitive Foodie

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Gourmet Canadian appetizers that are sure to please.
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Wow...talk about impressive. I love the definitive foodie basket. Not only is it attractive and impressive, it is deliciously stocked with some of the best gourmet appetizer food items Canada has to offer. Gift Boxed Brie Baker and Goat Cheese Baker....Tapenades....Compotes....Gourmet Flatbreads, Herbed Goat Cheese Crusts and Barries Asparagus Gourmet Crackers...Wow! 

Wildly Delicous Brie Baker, Gourmet Village Blackened Cajun Beer Can Seasoning, Barrie's Multigrain & Chia Crisps, Yummies in a Jar Cranberry Jalapeno Compote, Wildly Delicious Goat Cheese Baker, Wildy Goat Cheese Peppercorn & Onion Herb Crust, Wildly Goat Cheese Herb de Provence Herb Crust, Gourmet Village Apricot & Jalapeno Baked Brie Topping, Buckstone Butter Chicken Sauce, Gourmet Lemon Dill Dip Pouch and Buckstone Vegetarian Antipaso all contained in a beautiful reuseable cloth rectangle container with handles. 

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