Happy New Year everyone!  It's the brand spankin' new year of 2014, and we here at The Great Canadian Gift Company are excited for what this year holds.

Many people make a special list at this time of year.  A wish-list of sorts if you will.  A list of all the things they want to do, or say, or be this year. Maybe you're thinking of making one of these lists. It's like a new, blank 365 page book has been placed in front of you, and you are brainstorming how you want those pages to be filled.  Whatever you decide to put on that list, we all know how difficult it can be to keep those New Year's Resolutions.  That's why I have decided to create a list for all Canadians; one that will work for any of us.  It's ambitious, just letting you know, but I think you'll find these are resolutions that will make you proud to say you're Canadian.

So, without further ado, here is the list of The Great Canadian Top Ten New Year's Resolutions:

10.  Become a maple syrup connoisseur.

9. Go to a maple sugar bush and ask if you can tap a tree, then taste the maple sap right from the tree.

8. Find a real Mountie and ask them, "What is the speed limit for a snowmobile, anyway?"

7. Go and see a moose in the wild and ask it why the plural of their species isn't "meese". (After all...goose - geese, moose - meese right?)

6. Find the nearest true Inukshuk, take a photo of it, then recreate it in your living room.

5. Visit a local winery, and try some Icewine made with Vidal grapes. (...No, not Gore Vidal, but I'm quite certain that if he had tried Canadian Icewine in his lifetime, he would have written a whole play about it!)

4. Go and see the polar bears at the zoo and imagine what they'd look like in a snowstorm.

3. Build an igloo and camp out in it overnight.

2. Visit a beaver dam and ask one of them where the dam door is.

And finally....drum roll please....

1. Make a special trip to Ancaster or Niagara Falls and visit The Great Canadian Gift Company in person!

So there you have it.  Now let's get to it!  Let's make 2014 the best year ever!

And whatever New Year's Resolutions you decide to put on your list this year, don't get discouraged if you break one or two of them.  All you have to do is get back on the moose (horse?) and give it another go!  Because remember...if at first you don't succeed...you probably shouldn't go skydiving.