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The Ultimate Canadiana

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As the name suggests, this basket is the Ultimate Canadian basket - with a HUGE assortment of all things Canadian.
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This Ultimate Canadiana Gift Basket is the ultimate Canadiana Gift Basket. If I received this Canadiana Gift Basket, I'd be your friend, colleague or customer forever. Each and every product in this basket is made in Canada but also has that Canadian flair and symbolism that screams Canada. Your intended recipient will absolutely love it. The amazing Canadian Crate contains the following products: Seachange Icewine Glazed Salmon, Seachage Maple Glazed Salmon, Maple Chocolate Cream Cookies, Chocolate Icewine Maple Leaves, Dolce Chocolate Maple Caramel Crunch, Donini Maple Pecan Blitz, Assorted Gourmet Chocolate Dipped Pretzels Box, Heart Icewine Cream Cookies, Turkey Hill Maple Syrup in a Decorative Round Tin, and a beautiful Maple infused Candle all beautifully packaged in a handcrafted wooden Canada Flag Crate.

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