If you have not been to St. Johns Newfoundland, it's time for you to make plans to visit. Newfoundland, fondly nicknamed the Rock, in my opinion is much more than a rock. It's a hidden jewel that is secretly tucked away at the most Eastern tip of Canada in the Atlantic Ocean. Newfoundland has long been the victim of many jokes from their distant fellow Canadians. The people of Newfoundland however are now the one's laughing. While the province of Ontario has become a "Have Not" province, Newfoundland basking in the prosperity of oil, tourism and the shrewd leadership of former Premier Danny Williams is very much a have province. Located at the Eastern tip of the island, St. Johns is a vibrant, cosmopolitan city inhabited by 192,000 people. By day, visit Cape Spear, Hike up Signal Hill, visit the Quidi Vidi Brewery, enjoy the 100's of eclectic shops, Drive to Petty Harbour, visit a neighbouring harbour for some delicious Fish and Ships.... and on and on. Hiking up Signal Hill (Historical military site where Marconi received the first Trans-Atlantic Radio Signal) is an absolute must. It's not easy. Some path edges will get your heart pumping as will the steep climb up the hill. It is however worth every breath. The views are absolutely magnificent. I've hiked a lot and this is by far the nicest Hike I've ever completed. I have to admit, I was out until 3 am on George St. the night before. Signal Hill is a great way to rid you of that last pint on George. What's George Street you're asking? It is a pedestrian only street by night that per capita houses more bars then any street in North America. The bars are open until 4 am. So, if your out wandering it at 10 pm and wondering where everyone is, don't worry by midnight you'll not be able to move. Personally, at my age two nights is too much. There are many quaint little venues on Water Street that have jazz, folk, blues or country. Everyone in St. John's is a musician it seems. Go to an open mike night and you'll see what I mean. There is some amazing talent. Prior to the late night prowl, there are so many fantastic restaurants to select from for dinner. Whatever your fancy, Sushi, Steak, Italian, Chinese, Seafood... St. Johns has it all. Of course the iconic Newfoundland Fish Cod is available at most eateries and it too is a must have while visiting Nfld. If you've had enough excitement and want to see the most incredible scenery you'll ever see, leave St. Johns and visit one of the many harbour towns. They are all so beautiful and the hospitality of the people even more so. You may have seen a recent Newfoundland Tourism Advertisement that have many international awards. I certainly tip my hat to the producers of those adds, however this beautiful island gives them so much to work with. I could go on and on raving about how charming and picturesque Newfoundland is but rather than taking my word for it, go see it for yourself. You will love it Bye !