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Tree of Passion - Kitras Art Glass  - Last Two!
Tree of Passion

Tree of Passion - Kitras Art Glass - Last Two!

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Part Number: 25354800300
Feature: 6 Inches in Diametre
Feature: Each Piece is individually made

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Kitras Art Glass Blown Glass Balls are all individually hand made utilizing the centuries old art of blowing glass. Like Trees in a forest no two Kitras Art Glass Balls are alike. This particular Kitras Art Glass Ball is the "Tree of Passion". It is perfect for Anniversaries, Weddings or showers, a thank you gift or for any occasion that acknowledges your passion for that special someone. Kitras Glass Art Balls look beautiful hanging along side a window particularly where the sun shines in. See below to view the message that comes with the Tree of Passion:

As we journey through our lives we discover the people and things that we are most passionate about. Passion is an intense emotion that drives us to reach for new heights, champion causes and be close to the ones we love. The Tree of Passion reminds us to find our passions, as they bring purpose and abundance to our lives.

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