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Trick Golf Balls

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Have fun with these great Trick Golf Balls. These magic golf balls are a barrel of laughs as you play tricks on your Golfing buddies. These Trick Golf balls will vanish, explode, stream or bounce about crazily when putted. The four balls available are as follows:
The Phantom: This ball will vanish into a watery mist upon impact.
Unputtaball: Putt it and watch it jump, baulk, skids and gyrates. Totally unputtable.
Cloud-Flite Exploder: This ball will vanish in a cloud upon impact.
Jetstreamer: Slam a sensational jetstreamer and see the astonished faces upon your golf buddies as the ball upon impact turns into a zooming streamer.
Drop one of these on the fairway and make a distance bet (you will always win). Try a crafty ball switch.

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