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Ultra Maple Icewine Mix

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Can't decide which Canadian flavour you like better? Go for both with this beautiful basket.
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This is the ultimate Canadiana Gift Basket. Featuring two of Canada's favorite delicacies Maple and Icewine infused products. This Canadiana Gift Basket is particularly popular for companies looking to acknowledge international customers with a Canadiana Gift, new Canadians or expats living abroad. We've carefully assembled our favourite Maple Icewine products into a Canadian Flag Crate that can be utilized for a multitude of uses once the Maple Icewine products have been devoured and enjoyed. Contained within this Gift Basket are the following: 

Laura Secord Maple Icewine Cream Chocolates, Dolce Chocolate Maple Caramel Crunch, Heart Icewine Leaves, Turkey Hill Maple Icewine Cream Cookies, Seachange Icewine Glazed Pacific Salmon, Heart Small Icewine Syrup in an Icewine Shaped Bottle, Turkey Hill Maple Chocolate Cream Cookies, Turkey Hill Maple Syrup in a Decorative Round Tin, Niagara Maple Kisses Box, Acadian Maple BBQ Sauce, Turkey Hill Dark Chocolate Icewine Cream Chocolate Bar, Heart Maple Liquor Chocolate Truffles Gourmet Village Maple Peppercorn Grilling Rub, Heart Icewine Fudge, Niagara Gourmet Maple Popcorn Box, Turkey Hill Maple Fudge, Heart Maple Nougat, and Heart Maple Tea Pouch all Beautifully Packaged in a Hand Crafted Canada Flag Crate.

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