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Wild Blueberry Grilling Sauce - Last Four

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The Wildly Delicious Wild Blueberry Basting Sauce is quite simply wildly delicious. Apply the Wild Blueberry Grilling Sauce to Salmon, all types of poultry, pork, white fish or utilise as a condiment for hamburgers and hotdogs. Wild Blueberries make for the perfect base ingredient to create a wonderfully divine BBQ Sauce. The Wild Blueberry Grilling Sauce is the perfect condiment or cooking enhancement ingredient for great Canadian BBQs! Wild Blueberries are combined with, tomato paste, apple cider vinegar, brown sugar, onions, molasses and an assortment of tasty spices to create one of the tastiest BBQ Sauces you'll have the privilege of trying. It will turn an average cook into a BBQ Queen or King. 


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